Neue Veröffentlichung: “Overview on Security Approaches in Intelligent Transportation Systems”

Das Paper “Overview on Security Approaches in Intelligent Transportation Systems – Missing the hybrid trust establishment solutions for VANETs?” der MuSe Autoren Christoph Ponikwar und Hans-Joachim Hof wurde für “The Ninth International Conference on Emerging Security Information, Systems and Technologies – SECURWARE 2015” in Venedig, Italien angenommen.

Abstract des Papers:

Major standardization bodies like IEEE in America or ETSI in Europe developed and designed systems that should be used in vehicular ad-hoc networks. These VANETs are the basis for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSs). They aim to efficiently communicate and provide benefits to people. But different design and architectural choices lead to different net- work properties, especially security properties are fundamentally depending on the networks architecture. To be able to compare different security architectures, different proposed approaches needed to be discussed. On problem in current research is the missing focus on different approaches to trust establishment in VANETs. This paper therefor surveys different security issues and solutions in VANETs and we further more categorize them solutions into three basic trust defining architectures: central, decentral and hybrid. These categories represent the way how trust in build in a system, i.e. in centralized or decentralized way or even by combining both opposing approach to a hybrid solution, which the aim to inherit the benefits of both worlds. This survey defines those categories and finds that hybrid approaches are under represented in current research efforts.

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